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How do you talk to loved ones in an instant if they are halfway across the world? How do you send emails in an instant? Social networking. And it doesn’t stop there; social networking has been used extensively for those trying to find both soul mates and flat mates. You can even find foodies around the world, who love gourmet food as much as you do. With the Foodie Shares app chefs, entrepreneurs or even budding cooks can share their food creations for free or for a fee. Chefs can post dishes, and once it is paid for, you will soon be feasting on a delectable dish. But maybe you want don’t want to find food. Maybe your toughest obstacle is finding attractive women. With Yerp Alert, users are to discover attractive women in their area. You can even pinpoint your location and find beautiful women within walking distance. Maybe if you are able talk to her, you can buy her gourmet food from Foodie shares. Therefore, exploring your interests through social networking helps you discover things you never would have known were there.