Having the 5MinuteCar app allows you to Get a Car in No Time

If you find yourself in a position where you urgently need car services or a driver, then the 5MinuteCar app is probably the mobile app that you should have on your mobile device!

The app provides a new service in NYC that is meant to connect people in need of car services to get just that in no time at all. In just minutes, you will get a car to take you wherever you want to go – saving you valuable time.

For a busy place like NYC, it is good to know that you can get a car with no hassle at all when you are in a hurry to get to your destination. Whether you are a resident of NYC of new in the town, the 5MinuteCar app is what you need to get you wherever you want to go, at whatever time is convenient to you, quickly and safely. 

All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and click on the ‘get me a car feature’. A ride will be with you in no time, ready to take you wherever you want to go.

This is a very convenient mobile app for people who hire cars and those that use taxi services as their main mode of transportation. You will find it so easy to use and you are guaranteed a driver who knows how to get you around with ease. If you are in NYC or going there soon, this is an app you should get today for free!

Author : Stewart
Date : 2015-04-30 17:14:17


5MinuteCar is a new service in NYC that connects you to the nearest car. Simply download the app and click "Get me a Car" and a driver will be with you in minutes.
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Author: WINIcabs
Version: 1.1.7
Last Checked: 11 July 2018
Compatibility: iOS 5.0 & up.
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