How excellent and easy is your heart rate measured with Cardio Body?

Have you ever wondered how fast your heart is beating when you feel it racing? Do you think that you have palpitations? Has your doctor recommended you keep track of your heart rate? Now everything to do with monitoring your heart rate has been made simpler thanks to the Cardio Buddy Touchless Camera Heart Rate Monitor App.

Here is how this app works. It is able to determine your heart rate from a distance using the camera sensor in your phone. Apple Devices including the iPhone 5S and the iPad Air support this app.

This app is revolutionary for health care and monitoring purposes. It has features including: -

  • Instant information on your heart rate.
  • Stored information on your heart rate averages, highs and lows.
  • It can plot your data over different periods of time.
  • Interesting facts and information about the heart.
  • Compare your heart rate with people from around the globe.
  • Share your heart rate with your friends through social media

If you need help while using this app, there is excellent support available that will send you quick email responses to any of your questions, and there are frequent updates making this a relevant app with the latest information.

If your health is important to you, make sure that you download this app today. With a little help from technology, you can change your lifestyle for the better.

Author : Stewart
Date : 2015-04-30 17:13:12

Cardio Buddy - Touchless Camera Heart...

Cardio Buddy determines your heart rate from a distance by using the camera sensor within your phone. It works with iPhone 5S, iPad Air and other Apple devices. Our complex algorithm, developed by researchers from Berkeley and Stanford, analyzes tiny color variations from different parts of...
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