Turn pictures into postcards!

ByPost Postcard Maker is a fun little app developed by Online Postal Communications. This app makes it possible to start creating a real postcard, and make that card physically deliverable to an address of your choice. Simply take a picture (or use an existing image), drop it on the card in the app, and write your message and the address you want to send it to on the back of the card. Cards send this way are printed onto thick board (like a real postcard) and arrive within days on the selected adress. Stamps are bought by buying in-app credits, which are then used to buys a stamp. A simple system that makes it easy to send a quick card to someone you love or care about, to say hi, thank you, happy birthday or miss you or anything really.

Because ByPost Postcard Maker makes sending a little card so easy, it’s a real fun addition to your mobile phone. Traveling abroad? No problem: because of the in-app stamps system, you can still easily send a postcard to your family and friends back home. Using pictures you made yourself, the cards created have e very personal touch, instead of the standard general postcards that are bought in tourist shops all over the world. Take a picture of yourself, or the view you are enjoying, and turn that photo into a real personal message. And let’s face it: even with all the digital messaging options we have today, finding that card in your mailbox or on your doormat is still the best!

Author : Nigel
Date : 2015-06-26 13:39:05

ByPost Postcard Maker

Send real, quality printed postcards to anywhere in the world from your iPhone.
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Author: Online Postal Communications
Version: 5.0
Last Checked: 19 July 2018
Compatibility: iOS 10.0 & up.
Category: Lifestyle , Utilities