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I love playing bingo apps on my smartphone. I must have tried at least a dozen, and have been disappointed almost as many times. Or at the very least I got bored after a few days and deleted the game. Not so however with this nifty little bingo app: Bingo Crack. Featuring a collection of funny owls, this game offers fast-paced bingo-action. I like playing a quick game, between my daily activities. Just a quick game before I have to do something else. Bingo Crack seems ideal for this. Join a bingo room, wait for the other players (usually no longer then 60 seconds, I think my average waiting time is about 38 secs.) and it's on.

You can play with 1 or more bingo cards: playing with multiple cards means you have a higher chance to get a Bingo, but it also means have have to check your cards faster to see it the dranw number matches one of yours, so you have to stay sharp. Having a full column on one of your cards means Bingo, and the more Bingo's you earn during one game, the higher your rank will be be when the game ends. Each game offers a set amount of bingo's to be earned among all the players, and as soon as this amount hist zero, there's nothing left to win and the gam ends. The more bingos you won, the higer your rank, and the more prizes you have earned.

Fun credits

Winning prizes means you win more funcredits to keep playing, achievements that are unlocked, and a lot of ingame fun feautures such as new rooms, and new funny owl characters that accompany you during the game. You can ofcourse buy credits as in-app purchases, but the average player will do fuine with just the starting amount, the daily login bonusses and the credits you win during the games you play in the rooms.

Playing with your friends is something most apps offer these days, and Bingo crack is no exception. Login with your facebook account to play against your friends, or make new friends as you progress through the game and play with or against bingofans all over the world.


Author : Nigel
Date : 2015-05-18 14:30:46

Bingo Crack™

The developers of Aworded present Bingo Crack, an awesome multiplayer real-time Bingo! Bingo Crack is the only online Bingo game that will allow you to choose between the American 75 balls Bingo and the classic 90 balls Bingo, so you can play the one you like best! Play against your friends and...
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Author: Etermax
Version: 2.0.3
Last Checked: 10 July 2018
Compatibility: iOS 6.0 & up.
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