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Keeping productive and diligent is hard with the many distractions around you everyday. It might be extremely hard at times to stay focused and on track. In a 2012 study, scientists found that procrastination is becoming rampant among smart phone users, but that doesn’t have to be you. Taking easy steps can enable you to do better everyday you use your phone. For example, Habit Keeper, allows users to set a habit and stick to it. Most people check their phone more than once a day, so Habit keeper would be ideal for those trying to get an awesome beach body, or maybe practice guitar. Another app that might be helpful for productive users is Group cal. This app is ideal for business teams to stay up to date with what’s going on. You can even use Group Cal individually and sync previous calendars together. This is an app important for anybody needing to keep up with his or her day-to-day lives.