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How did you find out about this site? We hardly started it and now you’re here. Perceive it as a construction site and please appreciate the beauty in the potential of hard labour. App704 will be a highly informative and social portal for IOS app enthusiasts. In the meantime you can already browse our modest collection of over 80.000 apps and download every one of them.

App704, what kind of name is that? Well, some domain investors or hoarders registered almost every meaningful domain name with the word app in it. Try to find an available domain, you’ll feel beaten soon. Appapp dot com was an option, but we forgot that it’s owned by the famous company Appalachian Applications. Sometimes life is very challenging. App704 is a short name, easy to remember and for people with a highly developed sense for cryptic descriptions it still has meaning. Unfortunately it takes too many words to explain it here